GIMP manual

Nevertheless, the developers have tried to user-friendly operation: Such a comprehensive image editor such as GIMP is without guidance probably not even half as efficient to use, as with manual especially for beginners in terms of image processing. Therefore, all you need to know about the free, pixel-based image editor is, in the equally free and well-structured GIMP manual.

GIMP manual will guide beginners and professionals in photo software a

They are dozens of times: free downloadable programs for image processing. One of the best and richest scope in this sector is in addition to the paid software Photoshop the free and free image editor GIMP. Since the first published trial in 1995, the program has been developed continuously and is buying program from Adobe has long been in anything after, either in functionality in the user-friendly operation.

GIMP manual

Instructions for professional editing images with GIMP

Nevertheless Without background knowledge in terms of image manipulation programs also GIMP is not easily to use. The free GIMP Manual of the Free Software Foundation gives the user therefore everything necessary for the journey, which he needs for intense professional editing images.

Manual in three parts

Up is the manual into three parts or parts with up to 16 chapters. In the first part (Meet the GIMP!) Is the image editing program, which was first developed by Peter Mattis presented, its history, the GIMP team. In the second part, both the basic functions as well as advanced features and professional tricks are presented (How do I Become a GIMP Professional). Starting with a guide on how to enter get a picture in the program or how to prepare images for the web, about creating a Quick Mask to installation instructions for GIMP plug-ins that extend the already very extensive program functional.

GIMP manual wand

GIMP Guide with Keys and Mouse Reference

In the third part of the GIMP manual all the tools of the image program will be discussed, such as the wand, eraser, brush, spray gun, ink and many more. Divides the GIMP Function Reference is divided into different categories such as top selection tools, painting tools, Tranformationswerkzeuge and color tools. Instructions for animations and filter effects are also found in this part. The GIMP manual finally concludes with a keyboard and mouse reference and a glossary.

GIMP Manual Contents

So that everyone becomes an image editing professional Whether a beginner, advanced or professional - in GIMP manual is thanks to the user-friendly outline any quick background information, guidance and advice he needs. The texts in German, are easy to understand and are supplemented by numerous illustrations.