Project Cars

Of the Project Cars Download comprises from karting and touring car series through to Formula 1 almost the entire world of motorsport. The player can thus nozzle or with his go-kart around the Hockenheimring Formula 1 car at Monza, Silverstone & Co. to pit.

Project Cars Download for Windows drivers

The release date of Project Cars download has been postponed several times to the chagrin of fans. On 07 May 2015, there will finally be so far and the long-awaited racing game will be available among others via Steam and Windows drivers. It comes from the game studio Slightly Mad Studios, was awarded by the genre of gasoline containing software mainly through Need for Speed ​​awareness. Project Cars could secure just by its attention to detail the reference throne among the racing simulations.

Project Cars Download

Countless tuning options of the cars

In the settings, and the playful depth the racing game surpasses the majority of the competitors certainly by far. Here, not everything revolves around driving skills skill and a vehement Pressing the accelerator pedal, but also about technical intricacies and car tuning. From anti-lock brakes to traction control, the motor sport fan can screw in numerous wheel and optimize their own Renner to tease out a few tenths of a second of speed.

Real racing on the computer

For adrenaline Raser the race simulation is, however, somewhat less suitable. This is finally to real racing on the computer. The player should also dare not too devious steering maneuvers in the realistic racing game or boarded with high speed into the turns, as this could well retaliate and the car - just like on a real race track - erupts known inevitable at a certain speed.

Getting used to different driving styles in Project Cars

Engaging in a vehicle change, should first get to know the peculiarities in the new vehicle. Each car has a very different driving behavior to which the player has to adapt his own driving style. At the very first acceleration there is a risk that the journey begins with spinning tires. Also contact with the Companions of the competitors have more serious consequences than most other racing games. Therefore, one should not be brushed on riot on the race track to avoid engine damage and loss of power as a punishment for the bump at all costs.

Project Cars Download Racing

Changing weather conditions on the race track Project Cars

The developers have obviously thought of changing weather conditions on the race track. Up to four weather changes and their frequency can be set in the individual races as you wish. For example, you start in rainy weather, driving through the fog and eventually comes under sunshine to the finish. The weather conditions should not be underestimated. Heavy rain makes an exact brakes almost impossible and who do not pay attention to slip quickly from the slopes.

Project Cars Download Weather

Perspective and from the helmet camera

Schick are also different vision modes, including a helmet and a bumper perspective. A delight for motorsports fans are wonderfully detailed fittings of PS-Boliden. This is the heart of the PC Pilots beats faster. The community, which is known to have financed the title over crowdfunding is sure to be thrilled.

Project Cars offers 110 race tracks in 30 places

The player has the mach Project Cars Download the choice between a career mode and individual races. Who wants to compete with other pilots on the line, can duel internet until finally he may leave the sticky champagne shower endure. Very positive: The player has complete freedom in which he wants to start racing class. All tracks and cars are also available from the start without first inputs must be provided. A total of 110 routes spread over 30 locations on board the Nürburgring in Germany to Schumi's favorite track, the Circuit de Spa Francorchamps in Belgium.

Cornucopia of settings

For a long time the hobbyist will spend with the avalanche of options among other things set the tire wear, ABS or fuel flow all the way to the intrinsically wishes. The pressure of each tire, can also be adapted such as toe drive or gear ratio. For the cornucopia of adjustment training as a car mechanic seems to be quite reasonable. Whoever does all would rather skip, simply use one of the default setup and no need for a fine-tuning of your own ride vehicle. Other racing games for free download are available in our extensive software offering.