McFit announce: Free sample letter & Tips

Who his gym membership terminate McFit want, should resort to Download termination letter template. In this way, the agreement with the popular gym can quit quickly and reliably. We show what is important in the gym termination. out here now more and also download the form for the termination McFit same!

terminate McFit and terminate the agreement at the gym

The New Year's resolutions ranging known mostly only until the spring of the year. Who would not want to spend the musty gym during the summer, but prefer running, cycling or swimming in nature would often thinks that he should finish his contract McFit to save unnecessary costs. We show how this works without problems as possible!

terminate McFitWhat the customer must note Announce When McFit? (Picture: pixabay / McFit / Editorial)

pause McFit contracts and shut down

In McFit is the most visited in Europe and Germany fitness center. More than 220 gyms in five countries are ready for their own training. Those who complete a McFit contract binds the standard contract for a full year. After all, consists the opportunity to pause the McFit membership up to nine months a year, if it can not be trained for a reason proven. Here, the McFit contract is then simply extended according to the period of decommissioning.

Timely notice McFit

The McFit one-year contract can be terminated with a period of 30 days end of month. If you miss this must take into account that the runtime automatically extended by six months. In an extraordinary termination due to relocation the McFit member has a special right only if no McFit Studio can be visited in the new environment. Here again, then a notice period of four weeks shall be end of the month. Do not forget to file an absence or confirmation of each city or town in McFit!

Extraordinary Termination due to illness or pregnancy

For those that want to make a closure of McFit contract must give them at least three business days before known. This then applies from the first to the last one month and membership is extended accordingly to a maximum of nine months within a year. For extraordinary termination due to illness or pregnancy, McFit customer requires a medical certificate proving that a practice of sport is no longer possible and thus the McFit notice is legitimate.

McFit terminate patternalso download the form here for the termination McFit same! (Picture: editorial)

terminate contact for Mc FIT

must be in writing and the notice to be signed handwritten terminate the McFit. Who McFit wants to contact, write to the following address: McFit GmbH, Tannenberg 4, 96132 key field. According McFit the contract can be terminated in writing, stating the membership number by fax at 09552-9319-115 or by e-mail to [email protected]