control easy

Of the Tax easy download helps with clever tax wizard in the income tax return. The financial software performs control lay through the thicket of official tax forms, are valuable tax-saving tips, prints final tax documents or passes them by Elster to the Treasury on.

Tax return on the PC with the control easy download

With control easy control even newcomers reach their destination safely. Thanks to the function "Red thread" helps financial software taxpayers at every step along the way to the tax return. Tax easy contains all the equipment and forms needed for tax return. On the basis of personal information the software provides recommendations on the tax bracket, as well as individual tax saving tips. If the tax return done, users can easily print with control easy or send a button via ELSTER to the tax office.

Tax easy download

Upon receipt of the assessment also the decision examiner reveals whether the tax office tax benefits deleted. Secure online updates and a news ticker via RSS feed complete the control helper. Control easy is on hand to help taxpayers in filling out the tax return. The financial advisor is suitable for control laymen as well as professionals.