With the Lovoo VIP code numerous features can enable the Flirt app, but against a high price. With this trick, the benefits can be used completely free of charge. That's how it's done!

These Flirt willing only need to download the alternative App Store Amazon Underground on their smartphone and search the Lovoo app here and install afterwards.

Amazon Underground instead Lovoo VIP Code: How does this work?

Amazon Underground is associated to the online mail order company Amazon store, are offered in the apps that are normally charge for nothing. To just include the otherwise only with a Lovoo VIP code freizuschaltenden premium features the dating platform. However, users must give Amazon Full Control permission for the free use or free download. For example, tracked how often and how long the downloaded app is used. In addition, an Amazon customer account is required to download the applications. Since the apps are downloaded in APK format, must be allowed on the mobile device pre-downloads from unknown sources. The attitude towards it is usually found under the App or security options of the device.

Lovoo VIP codeInstead of a Lovoo VIP code to buy the complete package can be used for free with the download on Amazon Underground.

What advantages does a VIP membership?

Whether Lovoo VIP code or via Amazon Underground, these benefits have users of premium feature:

  • On gilt-framed profile picture: Ensures significantly more attention, but can also be disabled.
  • No daily limit the hit game and automatically more matches.
  • Of the Ghost mode allows VIP members, unbeknownst to look at the profiles of other users.
  • The Top Chat-Function always carries messages to the top of each incoming mail.
  • With the Chat booster are unlimited for a day a lot of inquiries.
  • The Profiling coverage shows all profile visitors unverpixelt.

Use of this Benefits costs actually 11.99 euro monthly. After downloading from the Amazon Underground Store eliminates these costs and the platform can be used free of charge with all the special functions. however each installed on the device on which that version. On the website, for example, have users who take advantage of this offer, to cope with the basic functions.

allegations of fraud & Fake profiles at Lovoo

one that, for the dating platform Lovoo actually should take no real money in hand, suggest the ongoing investigation of the prosecution Dresden. The discarding: commercial air fraud by fake profiles. Thus cash willing male members of provocative, but unfortunately only virtually existing ladies were seduced into buying credits should be - and that on a large scale.

Lovoo VIP code fraud allegationsAccording to the investigation by the prosecutor's office Dresden from said Inanspruchname is inadvisable chargeable services.

Although the likelihood of this approach is still practiced, is low; his money should nevertheless precaution invest in other values.

Updated on 27/01/2017:

The case against the CEO has now been set for a payment in the millions. Both founders and the company would have shown willingness to cooperate and worked to reduce spam and fakes on the dating portal in the future. This was confirmed by the prosecutor Dresden.