Photo Editor

Photo Editor

Photo Editor is a free image and photo editing software with a primary emphasis on ease of handling. So uninformed users can aufpeppeln their digital images quickly and easily yourself.

Photo Editor Download: Image Processing for domestic use

Photo Editor provides the basic tools for image processing for home use. Next Standards such as resizing, rotating, compressing, cutting etc. dominated the freeware functions such as sharpness, color temperature and more. In addition, the Photo Editor has some Download Effects as well as drawing and text tools on board. The images can be saved in common formats as BMP, GIF or JPG. The user interface is clearly designed so that it is to cope with, that there is no switching to a German-language version.

Photo Editor Download

rotate images in 90 degree increments

In the header are after Photo Editor Download and installing large buttons for the main functions and tools. On the far left of the user opens with File / Open the motive that he wants to work. With Rotate Left and Rotate Right to rotate the image in 90 degree increments. The next section of the bar take on the optimization tools: Fix Red Eye, Enhance Color, Denoise and Deblur.

remove red-eye with a mouse click

As the name suggests, can be personalized with Fix Red Eye eliminate annoying red eye from the snapshots. The image editor has the choice as to whether an automatic correction to be made or whether it it would rather lend a hand.

alienate faces and distort the Photo Editor

It continues with the special effects Caricature, make-up and lighting. With Caricature can be deform objects and alienate faces, which can lead to quite amusing results. As the name suggests, serves Make up especially for polishing of portraits. Minor cosmetic defects can be hidden quite well with the editor tools. Lighting finally offers several ways to change a picture with light and shadow effects to present it in a different light.

change the size and proportions of an image

In addition to the Help button, the three functions Straighten, resample and crop can be seen in another section. This is Standard tools of image processing. Resample changes the size and proportions of a snapshot, whereas the user can cut any part of an image with Crop.

Photo Editor Download Cut

Enlarge image sections with the zoom

Under the menu bar of the Photo Editor is to see the opened image that is currently being processed. Zoom In and Zoom Out can this be reduced in size and increased in order to qualify for example, certain excerpts better in attack. Actual Size displays it in the actual size, whereas it is fitted with fit precisely into the window of the Editor. Undo_&# 45; and _Redo buttons are available to make all the steps to undo or restore it. Image editor for beginners The free Photo Editor contains the basic tools for quick editing of images. It is easy to use and therefore suitable for beginners. Advanced image editors will miss various functions and should, for example, rather resort to GIMP or Paint.NET. Further image edits are available in our software catalog for free download.