Frequency generator

Frequency generator

At the Frequency Generator Download is the name of the program. The sound engineering software generates simple or complex frequencies dominated different Oszilloskopmodi for optical analysis and also provides live signals represent oszilloskopisch.

Frequency Generator download for sound engineers

Three waveforms with various complex shapes including Noises superimposed with the sound engineer Frequency Generator – a carrier / carriers and two modulators. Waveform, amplitude, frequency and floating Frequency are available as modifiers. The oscilloscope optionally analyze the generated signal or the audio input fitting sounds and also offers various modes and slew rates.

Frequency Generator DownloadFrequency Generator download for simple or complex frequencies

Competent tool for generating frequencies

Nix, however, a skilled tool for various areas is generated from 0.01 Hz to 22050 Hz. For play Children, for professionals. Frequency generator brings a semi modern user interface with which the audio engineer opens spontaneously and generates accurate results. Test!

Limitations of Frequency Generator

Six minutes per session. No recording of audio signals. Fixed frequency setting