Kapi Hospital

In Kapi Hospital is to build its own hospital. The free browser game this case requires no medical knowledge. build treatment rooms and explore techniques, more or less to buy medical equipment and patients doctoring - that is Kapi Hospital. The Nutty Professor is always advice and gives helpful tips for treating Nasenflügelakne, head buzzing, Segelohr- and dwarf peritonitis. If the daily practice times langweililg, the inclined Hobby physician simply makes a trip to the city. Here is carried out, for example, inserts by ambulance. During the online games Kapi Hospital are more and more tools, such as a healer, to the side and support in the implementation of many individual actions. Thus, the hospital management has time to take care of the Organizational. Who in actions such as "Treat Brecheritis with toilet bowl" just like getting on a Medizinistudium, this is the place. The free browser game Kapi Hospital takes patient and physician alike for a ride and ensures langahaltenden fun.