Of the Easy Cash&Tax; download supports users in addressing its financial management and taxation. The freeware detects away revenue and expenditure and possible depreciation over several years. Regular postings of the electronic control expert processed automatically.

Tax returns made easy with Easy Cash&Tax; download

As a user of Easy Cash&Tax; do you need no detailed knowledge of tax laws, because the program knows, for example, the tax rates for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. So are the rates of VAT 19%, 7% and 0% for Germany, 20%, 10% and 0% for Austria and 7.5% and 0% for Switzerland already given. About personal sets you control virtual input and output accounts that divide the revenue and surplus bill. The control helper supports the printing of the VAT return and binds via the interface to other programs, including the electronic transmission via ELSTER.

Easy Cash & amp; Tax Download

Recording of revenue and expenditure postings in Easy Cash&Tax;

Easy Cash&Tax; ensures quick detection of revenue and expenditure bookings. The depreciation of fixed assets is recognized over several years. Labor saving, the automated recurring entries for repetitive postings and the free choice of personal sets of virtual revenue and spending accounts for breakdown of revenue / surplus bill. Other functions include booking presets for frequently used combinations of posting text, VAT rate, amortization period and virtual account as well as the plug-in interface for various extra modules and interfaces to other programs, such as proof acquisitions of accounting programs or the already mentioned electronic transmission of VAT returns via ELSTER.

Form printing for the VAT return

The accounting journal can be sorted by date or virtual account. Various printing functions are available, the form printing for the turnover tax return to printing the VAT return and revenue-surplus bill. A journal printing made either by date and by individual virtual accounts. For clarity, the permanent display of the posting journal provides separate revenue and expenditure and subdivided as needed once more to virtual accounts.

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Subsequent modification and deletion of reservations is possible

Other features in Easy Cash&Tax; are the CSV export bookings, for the year and accounts, a personal and business expenses split and a current booking number generation for revenue and expenditure and banking and treasury. Subsequent changing and deleting entries is possible. The depreciation accuracy - monthly, six-monthly or year-round - is preset by the applicable laws of each country. Those looking for more free financial and accounting programs, will find in our extensive download offer. Financial and tax assistant for freelancers and small businesses The Easy Cash&Tax; Download takes the specter of tax returns its horrors. Without being tax professional, you done with the free financial management targeted tasks related to the tax return. Even the printing of forms dominates Easy Cash&Tax .; The freeware is particularly suitable for freelancers and small businesses.