Total recorder

Of the Total Recorder Download picks up the sound of each program. Whether you want to record Internet radio or VoIP software, the recording tool is connected as a digital recorder in between and attracts with nice features such as TimeShift.

Programming a recording with the Total Recorder Download

To record Internet radio, you simply start any player and clicks in Total Recorder on the Record button. Alternatively, programming the desired time of recording. The audio specialist receives no loss of quality directly from the program process. Lovers of vinyl also include line-in of the computer on their turntables to and digitize old music treasures. The software saves recordings to WAV, MP3 and other formats - the conversion takes place directly during recording.

The total recorders are available in different versions. Likely most users the Standard Edition along, extends the Professional Edition the functionality of a series chic goodies. It attracts about TimeShift for time-shifted listening to the current recording, Sampelraten beyond the 44.1 kHz, automatic splitting of shots and recording of web streams in the background.

The download area is also interesting free add-ons for Total Recorder find: A spectrum analyzer together with Equalizer, a streaming extension to publish their own recordings on the Web, a digital Mischupult and also an iTunes / iPod interface and OGG support are available. Total Recorder is one of the veterans among the recording tools. The shareware does not only record, it automatically normalizes the volume level and much more. The range of functions can be expanded flexibly via add-ons also. So if there's a need more Recorder: Total Recorder.

Total Recorder Download

Limitations of Total Recorder

In the unregistered version every 60 seconds is inserted an audible sound in the recording. Registration reminder.