What to do if the Flash Player jerky?

What to do if the Flash Player jerky?

if the Flash Player jerky and provides poor image quality, which reduces the video experience. Now find and correct errors. The Flash Player from Adobe is a small software that is implemented in the browser to display, for example, videos or games. Today even many sites were programmed with Flash is already installed on most modern computers the player. To whom this is not so, or who wants to update the Flash Player, you can download the Adobe Flash Player for free here. However, the player is deemed to be not particularly resource-saving, so it may happen that the Flash Player jerky and has long display times. Flash Player jerky

First Aid: If the Flash Player jerky

When it comes with the Flash Player to display long hours, poor image quality and stuttering, many different causes may be suitable. Because Flash is often used, a malfunction of the player is quite annoying and should soon be resolved. The aim of this guide is to get displayed smoothly all the videos, websites and games in flash again.

Which is required for the Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player can be installed on computers with operating systems Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Windows users will need an x86-compatible processor with at least 2.33 GHz. The player can be used Windows 7 or 8 on Windows XP with SP2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista. Users using a Mac, will need an Intel Core Duo processor that has at least 1.83 GHz. In addition, Mac OS should be installed 10.6 or higher. Linux users must have an x86-compatible processor with at least 2.33 GHz. The computers should be additionally provided with 512 MB RAM, 128 MB of graphics memory and a current browser.

accelerate the Flash Player

If Adobe Flash Player jerky and does not reflect the contents clean, you should try to accelerate the player. The following steps can help: Flash Player jerky Update 1&# 46; Step: It is very important that the latest version of the Flash Player is installed. The manufacturer Adobe provides very common to updates that solve Ruckelprobleme. 2&# 46; Step: In some cases, the stuttering is caused by an error-hold installation. In this case, the player should be uninstalled and then reinstalled. Partially does not remove all traces of the previous installation, the Flash Player Uninstaller can be used. 3&# 46; Step: In addition, it can help to disable hardware acceleration. For this, a right click needs to run in a running video in the player and the tick be removed. Flash Player jerky hardware acceleration