The Web App brings an online media center with TV series such as TV Total, Stromberg and Ladykracher in the browser. The run by the TV production company Brainpool GmbH Web service provides all the episodes of popular television programs free of charge. In, fans the successful programs of Anke Engelke, Atze Schroeder Bulent Ceylan or Cindy from Marzahn online can watch a video stream. To choose from in addition to short clips and full episodes of TV series such as Stromberg, TV Total, Ladykracher, Spong Bob, South Park or cat scratch standing. makes comedy fans regardless of rigid TV broadcast times. The online library scores with many great German comedy formats. The normally running at RTL, SAT.1, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon series will be broadcast ad-supported, which benefits the viewing habits on television about the same.