Already in the early access phase, it is the Life is Feudal Download managed to gather a large following behind. With the release of the full sandbox MMO, fans can now let off steam in an open game world of about 450 square kilometers.

Life is Feudal Download - Bye, bye Early Access Version

Already in mid-September 2014, the Early Access of the game was published by the relatively unknown Bitbox developers. What began playing at about 60 players per server closed in itself to approximately 9 square kilometers as a scaled-down version that was finally broken up and completed. The Games, which is a mix of online Survival sandbox game. provides the user in an open world of hundreds of square kilometers in which it can come into contact with the environment thanks to a versatile crafting system in many different ways: As resources must be collected, constructed objects, constructed buildings and new skills are learned. What the player needs here are mainly two things: patience and a lot of time.

Life is Feudal Download

Life is Feudal: Zeitverschlingendes sandbox game

What has already been established in the early access version and not necessarily perceived as good, is the fact that everything is very, very slowly. The user has to invest to even register its first successful experiences a lot of work and time in Life is Feudal. Thus, the medieval journey begins for the User with light clothing and a few biscuits in a pristine world that consists only of trees, hills and unimpressed animals. Until a first tree is cut and from a piece of wood were created, takes several hours. Perhaps the feudal way of life to an order be brought closer, but most likely to remove more of the game missing successes well.

The best strategy to achieve in Life is Feudal download faster success, speak sometimes to build a house is to get together with friends. Everyone should then learn other skills, so they complemented each other and can help.

Life is Feudal download skills

Medieval game without fighting?

Action-packed battles in armor with shield and sword - just as one would expect from a medieval festival - are not the focus. Although a conquest mechanism was introduced, but is still somewhat immature. Almost every player is mainly concerned with some physical work - struggles to find as often as four-leaf clovers in about. Here, the combat system is not bad: there are target areas and various extra points associated with the running speed, as well as the combat movement is set with the mouse. In addition, you can, as you know it from other MMO role-playing games downloads, band together with other players to units.