GcMail Free

With GcMail Free an alternative to e-mail programs such as e-mail client and Co. comes to the home computer. The free mail client supports POP3 connections and, thanks to finely adjustable filter rules that annoying spam does not even end up in the local mail directory. When you create the relevant rules, an assistant makes meaningful assistance in GcMail Free. Even more control over your inbox granted a query function that first detected only the headers of new messages, thus identifying unwanted messages that have happened in spite of all the spam filter. Corresponding to delete emails if desired then manually from the server of the mail provider. When setting up the mail account to a so-called Express Setup makes useful. GcMail Free Rounding out search functions and password protection that hides the electric post before the eyes of unauthorized persons and colored markers for important or even been processed messages. If you need more features, such as multiple mail accounts per user or import tools for Thunderbird or Outlook Express data, reference is made to the big brother GcMail This ensures data directly from within the program on CD / DVD and also sees itself with the interrogation of IMAP accounts, and more.

Limitations GcMail Free

Freeware for non-commercial use. Compared to Pro Edition functional regions (e.g., no IMAP). The use is limited to 365 days.