Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats: Daily Bonus without end! 2023

Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats: Daily Bonus without end!

right one Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats (still) not known – except for the Paulchen Panther trick for unlimited Daily Bonus. learn more now!

It is the success of Game Developer Future Games of London par excellence! Hundreds of thousands have already Hungry Shark Evolution app is downloaded for free and dive daily into the underwater world. The developers themselves, so Future Games of London or Ubisoft, encourage with the Daily Bonus and Daily Award. Players can “to earn” daily an extra dose of coins or gems with this award. The reward increases in each case in the 5-day rhythm. That means: On the first day, there’s a coin for free, on the second day three coins, on the third of six coins, on the fourth of ten coins and on the fifth day a gem. On the sixth day, the procedure begins anew. Coins are the standard W√§hung in Hungry Shark Evolution, precious stones, the premium currency. A gem is 100 Coins. Daily games will therefore be rewarded in this game.

Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats

Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats: How the Paulchen Panther Trick

With the Hungry Shark Evolution Daily Bonus Cheat can clear away the reward for daily play as often. All one needs to do this: as Paulchen Panther on the clock turn. That’s how it’s done:

  1. After having picked up the Daily Bonus, you have to leave the game and close the app

  2. Next, you change the date in the settings of the phone or tablet one day and then start the app again.

  3. Now you only have to swim all the way down and then left. There is the treasure chest with the Daily Reward. the bonus is credited, you can exit the app again and start over.

Downside of cheats

Many manufacturers build in developing the possibility to cheat from the outset to make the game more interesting. This is not the case at the Daily Bonus Cheat. The developer is funded through in-app purchases, so it’s probably only a matter of time until this bug is fixed.

Basically, there is also every game developer open to exclude cheaters. On top of the Paulchen Panther Trick: In theory, the turning of the clock may indeed often be unlimited possible and provide lots of extra coins and gems, but at some point the date must also be reset, and the waiting time for the next Daily Award shifts in proportion to the previous Hungry Shark evolution cheats. Add to that the date change may inadvertently affect other installed apps on the smartphone or tablet.

  Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats: Daily Bonus without end!