Delete Badoo Profile & Dating escape the madness!

Delete Badoo ProfileWho has enough of the online dating, learns here step by step how his account quickly and easily get rid again!

The download of the Badoo app, membership and use of the basic functions of the dating portal are in principle free usable. The account can thus remain theoretical, without incurring costs. However, then there is still the opportunity to be tracked on Badoo. If you do not want to, you can delete their profile without any fuss.

Delete Badoo profile: Find it!

The easiest way to delete his account directly on the site of the dating portal. First, you have to log in with his credentials (e-mail address and password). If you have registered with his Facebook or MSN profile and is registered at the same time on one of these portals, you can simply log on by clicking on Login. Now the created profile appears. In the headline now also find the different setting options, hidden behind the gear icon. This is selected and navigates on the corresponding page to the bottom. Here we find the command: delete profile. In the window that appears again the bottom option must be selected and confirmed with Next.

Delete Badoo ProfileThe settings to delete his profile Badoo are somewhat hard to find,

If necessary, now appears an offer for free additional functions when the profile is maintained. To skip this one has to choose Delete profile again. Now a questionnaire why you want to be delete Badoo profile appears. just here Select a reason and confirm with Next. As a final step, the input of the password and the profile is passe takes place again.

Delete Profile confirmation BadooConfirmation that was deleted the account.

Reprieve of 30 days

After the deletion of the account, the former users of Badoo will receive an e-mail to confirm. In this e-mail a link with which the profile can be restored is in addition. This is valid for 30 days. Only after this period, the account is permanently deleted. Whoever therefore considering other, has to manufacture a month to his contacts and conversations again. Those who remain in his act, which can ignore the message of good cheer.

Delete Badoo profile reprieveImages: Badoo.

Deletion after registration via Facebook account

Anyone who has registered with a Facebook account, may cause problems in the deletion of the profile may. The reason: It has not set a password. However, this will require mandatory if you want to delete Badoo profile to be. Setting a new one: there's only one thing. Simply visit this link. Here now has the email address that allows you to log on Facebook, registered and a new password will be requested. Following Badoo sent an email including a link to change your password. After that, the account can be deleted as described above.

How to delete his account within the app, this clip reveals: