Telekom browser simplifies especially customers of the large T browsing the Internet and the use of various services and the manufacturer offers. Quick access buttons guide users about the online exchanges for email, media support and customer support of the telecommunications giant. Visually and technically sets the free download of the Telekom browser on Mozilla Firefox. This brings surfers not only the advantage of already known to use, but also allows the use of the widely used and popular Fox addons. Thus, even this surf program can be expanded almost indefinitely and adapted to the specific needs of their users.

Browser 7 Telekom for free download

Useful also is behind the Safety button. Here Telekom browser determines, for example, if the currently open website should in principle be called up in the so-called private mode. Who also releases his kids with the freeware on the Internet, blocking certain websites here for the call. Too much you should not rely on this protection mechanism. Resourceful PC junior should have found a short time, as this can overturn, especially as equal to a function to Ignore and Continue surfing is included in the lock hint. Furthermore, you get through this button to eraser for surfing traces, cookies, history, form data, and wipes registered Co.. For avid online shoppers Telekom holds browser shortcuts to some major trading houses ready. eBay, Amazon, Otto, Zalando and bonprix are removed from the browser bar from just a click. The same goes for the news of the day that are hidden behind the button and appear as optional Eilmeldungs-pop on the screen. Even a three-day weather forecast must not be missing here, namely for freely adjustable locations worldwide.

Browser 7 Telekom for free download

His particular strengths of Telekom browser download but for one is as mentioned customer of the Bonn giant. Clicking on the button with the famous logo of the broker works on a menu, behind which hide Quick links to the homepage to the so-called favorite users as well as to several T services. These include about email center, media center and customer, but also the Department Help & Services and in-house DSL Speed ​​Test. Also, users will receive the T-Mail automates a notification for newly incoming mail. In the currently available version of the browser Telekom also operates the progressively increasing World Cup anticipation. An additional button News summarizes namely daily relating to the championships in Brazil together and points by clicking on the detailed messages.

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Telekom browser 7 Download

It turns finally then the question: Do you have to download the browser Telekom absolutely free? The answer is a resounding yes and no. The Firefox basis ensures fast homing in its handling, the surfing speed seems quite neat and tidy interface provides a bargain the program. The shortcuts to the services turn out to be quite reasonable, which unfortunately can hardly be said from the websites lock. On the whole, the Telekom browser offers so for T customers well to try to, for users of other telecommunications providers, our software catalog has lots of alternative browsers and accessories available for download, including the tried and tested Internet Explorer and Google Chrome ,

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