Of the CBL Data Shredder Download is to prevent that the data can be read on a hard disk according to the disposal of the hard disk of the computer or by others.

securely delete data with the CBL Data Shredder Download

Shred by CBL Data shredder based on the rewriting of the entire disk with a bit pattern. If a hard disk is overwritten once with a simple (non-random) sample, it is still be possible to read the data with special hardware from the hard drive. Safer methods for erasing hard drives write several times more complex and random bit patterns to the disk to prevent recovery with hardware-based methods.

CBL Data Shredder can only delete entire hard drives, USB hard drives and sticks or partitions. The freeware contains six different deletion methods:

  • custom method
  • Standard 5220.22-M Department of Defense
  • Guidelines of the BSI for the confidentiality of classified material in the use of IT (VSITR)
  • Bruce Schneier algorithm
  • Peter Gutmann algorithm
  • DSX method of the Canadian federal police

CBL Data Shredder Download