Infinitely many get Candy Crush Life

The sweets of the popular King puzzle, simply addictive. But all too quickly are the Candy Crush Life used up. But there is a trick for infinite lives! trick now!

Although has already replenished countless games since the publication of the puzzle, the success of Candy Crush Saga will not rend easy. Whether on the i-device, the Android smart phone, on Facebook or simply in the browser - the candy madness is everywhere. With or without Download Candy Crush Saga, many gamers can hardly imagine their leisure without Tiffi and Mr. Toffee. Unfortunately King slows down the game by the limited number of lives. But with a tiny little trick can be precisely this Candy Fun barrier overcome, so that you can quietly infinitely einheimsen many extra lives.

Candy Crush LifeCandy Crush life - an infinite number, would be cool, right? (Picture: Ltd.)

New Candy Crush Life: Buy wait, or trick

Game maker continues regarding the game strategy, this also applies to the handling of life, a clear line. When it's game over, there are two possibilities: Either the gamer an exercise in patience, maybe gambles ado another game and wait for half an hour until he gets a new life. Or he reaches into his pocket and pays 0.89 euro per life. Both variants are of course not optimal. Especially can not begin a great deal with only one life in the difficult level. Those who are not willing to take money in hand, must willy-nilly to wait and see. Not necessarily: At least mobile users who play this sweet game on the iPhone, iPad or Android device can cheat with a trick and affect the number of Candy Crush life. Candy Crush life infinitelyInfinite lives, you can save waiting time. (Picture: Ltd.)

Candy Crush is all just a matter of time

This is where the rub is, because the manufacturer is forcing the gamer to wait for new life. Who does not want to wait, just turn a little to the watch. On the Android simply select Settings in the menu, then click on the date and time. For iOS devices, this feature is found under Settings and General. Candy Crush Life TimeThe trick will be made about the time of the smartphone. (Screenshot: Editorial)

Now the checkbox Automatic date & remove time and manually, advance the time. To completely fill the life account, advisable to advance the clock an entire day. In this way, five new Candy Crush life and candies and candy canes can busy again now and are shuffled. The process can be repeated at will.

The hook on cheating with the time

Theoretically, the user can as often as he wants to shoot at the time and thus repeatedly einheimsen new extra life. But beware: At some point, the time must be reset and the waiting time is it counted again. The further the clock was turned back so that time must the longer wait after updating. But if you already know that he does not come the next day to play, can safely play Paulchen Panther. Furthermore, it must be remembered: Changing the time could affect other applications on your smartphone. For example, the calendar can not show correct dates.