Dead Walk: The Last War

Many, creepy bloody zombies and the player in the middle. In the free Dead Walk: The Last War App raises the user in the role of a divine hero the undead. Is one of the many gods selected, the player can team up with other gamers from around the world and form guilds to win the battles against zombies.

Dead Walk: The Last War app searches for gods Zombie Hunting

The name of the game makes it an idea already: what users will find here zombies through any means oppose the players in relentless battles are. The makers of QJ games have some really very ugly specimens of the genus created zombie for the app, which not only look nasty by the way, but also strive for the life of the players. So it's all about, to survive and to bring as many zombies as possible to the track.

Dead Walk: The Last War AppDead Walk: The Last War App

Download the Zombie Shooters

The game is to have both iOS and Android, wherein the holiday Download dealing with last-mentioned. Note: The game is 95 MB no flyweight. So you should check in advance whether you have enough space on your smartphone or tablet. Moreover Dead Walk is released due to the violence-heavy content only from 16 years. The download is free, but in-app purchases between about one and one hundred euros offered.

Heroes vs. Zombies in Dead Walk: The Last War Android

The app is downloaded, the user between about 100 heroes can choose with whom he wants to face the zombies. This also really post-apocalyptic battles can occur, the player deities are asked to choose from. So you can go into battle, for example, as Hades, Thor, Odin or Zeus. Sounds at first like having an easy time. This is not so - the zombies are evolving steadily and very different. This makes for a very dynamic game.

Dead Walk: The Last War Heroes AppZombies vs. gods

Troops and guilds with players from around the world

Besides courage, especially strategic skill is required. The player must in the Dead Walk: The Last War App proceed in the battles judiciously and according to its strengths. If necessary, nuclear weapons can be used. User can also ally with players from around the world with clans playing together in real time. But not only that: thanks to Live translation even chatting with players from other countries is not a problem.