Delete Knuddels account: made how you do it!

Delete Knuddels account: made how you do it!

Who his Delete Knuddels Account wants, since he has no desire to chat and flirt network learns below, as it is his Knuddels Nick release. delete the Knuddels unfortunately is not so easy. We show how it works and what the user should obey it. More on this below!

Knuddels Delete account: So you leave the chat community permanently!

After downloading the app Knuddels most users are enthusiastic about the chat and flirt community that appeals mostly teenagers and young adults. The existing since 1999 on-line service provides people aged 14 and over the opportunity to meet new friends online in an uncomplicated way. However, so many makes it any good experience or has no desire to virtual contacts and usually quite superficial online chat. It therefore makes sense then to delete their own Knuddels account. But how is this quickly and easily get rid of?

Unfortunately, there is no profile delete button

As so often with similar online services the application works fast and easy to unsubscribe, however, is more difficult and takes much longer. Unfortunately, one is looking for a "delete profile"Button in vain. Who wants to quench his Nick at eBay, and no longer be able to find his profile, may have been not logged in with his nickname for security reasons at least two months at a time, according to eBay, terms of use before it can be permanently deleted. If the latest log dates back more than two months, send an e-mail message to the Knuddels support and address [email protected] to perform the deletion. It is important that one’s e-mail address exactly matches that which is registered with the concerned nickname.

Delete Knuddels AccountWho wants to delete the Knuddels account will receive a step-by-step instructions here.

Delete two months of inactivity as a prerequisite for Knuddels

It is also possible to delete the function / deletemynick NAME its own nickname. The input leads the deletion of your own account in the way.
A window shows the exact date of the cancellation. Here, too, one must be followed for two months not log into the chat, otherwise the deletion is canceled. The Knuddels system automatically eliminated to delete Nick. According to information wants to avoid the provider access by unauthorized persons and thus prevent misuse by the user must be inactive for at least two months and is allowed to delete the Knuddels only after this period of time.

Delete e-mail notification after Knuddels Account

After these two months of eBay, users will receive a notification via email that the Knuddels Delete account was successful. However, this only works if you are not one of the so-called honorary members. Who takes this status, its Knuddels account can not be deleted. If there are problems with the delete Knuddels account and Nick persists after two months, the Knuddels should contact user at the customer service of flirtation portal.