LibreOffice 2023


Of the LibreOffice Download based in terms of functionality and the program code on the popular office suite OpenOffice. However, the free office suite is the open source idea to radical than the common model.

LibreOffice Download: Complete Office Package at no cost

Unlike manufacturers LibreOffice and White Label Office develop completely independent of Oracle and based on a foundation. This promotes and coordinates the development of freeware and also ensures that no malicious code is introduced into the project. Functionally and visually LibreOffice similar to big brother very much. In addition to standard tools for word processing, spreadsheet and a database administrator the package also comes with a drawing program. Since the OpenDocument format is supported, the free office suite presents fully compatible with

LibreOffice Download

LibreOffice includes a convincing elimination of the free office suite OpenOffice with a powerful office suite including a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing program. The current version offers, among other color markings in the spreadsheet and PDF export with optional watermark. In the download area, in addition to LibreOffice boxed version including numerous useful templates found in addition to the conventional variant. Those looking for more open office tools for free download, will find in our extensive software catalog.

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