Windows 10: Graphics card is not recognized: what to do?

Windows 10: Graphics card is not recognized: what to do?

A problem that occurs when many users of the new operating system: Windows 10: Graphics card is not recognized. There are two possible causes. Learn to how to correct these errors!

After downloading Windows 10 and switching to the new operating system, many users have to deal with small and large migration problems. Many complain that Windows 10 would have trouble with their graphics card. The one can not install a driver, in others it does not appear in Device Manager.

Windows 10 graphics card is not recognized

Causes Windows 10 video card is not recognized

If 10 problems with the graphics card occur under Windows, which can have various causes. If the card is not recognized, the problem is usually the graphics driver that is not up to date. Outdated drivers often cause the user the message “Device driver could not find compatible graphics hardware” is displayed.

There is a second reason that leads to these problems: the PCI root port. The error messages are similar in this case. Windows indicates that the PCI Express standard port can not be started or that not enough resources are available.

solve problem with outdated drivers

Windows 10, graphics card is not recognized – that is not shown? Then the first step should be to update the drivers for the video card. Who uses graphics cards from Nvidia, should be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website for the latest driver. The same applies to users of AMD and other graphics cards. Thus, the problem should be remedied.

Graphics cards issues by PCI Express root port

The graphics card will not be displayed if the cause lies with the PCI Express root port. It can even be solved even faster than outdated drivers. When the user “. For this device are not enough resources available”, the error message, it must only perform the following steps:

Windows 10: Graphics card is not recognized PCI root port

  • First, the user operates a Right-click the Windows icon in the lower left corner. It opens a menu bar with various options.
  • In the central region, there is the option prompt (administrator) selected by the user.
  • The prompt is now open. The user bears there the following command: * bcdedit / set PCIexpress forcedisable *.

Windows 10: Graphics card is not recognized Command Prompt

  • Finally, the computer is restarted. The problem of “Windows 10 graphics card is not recognized” should be solved.

Problem with graphics card remains?

Should not have resulted in the goal of the first two solutions and the graphics card is still not recognized, the user can try other options:

  • Windows completely shut down and restart 10. Under certain circumstances, this helps because the system information to be re-read.
  • The user should check whether the onboard card is turned on. If so, can help deactivation. This is done in the system BIOS. Is opened it from the Start menu – Settings – Update & Restoration.
  • Perhaps, is not displayed the graphics card in Windows 10 because it is only hidden. In this case, the user opens the Device Manager and click the View Show hidden devices.

Windows 10: Graphics card is not recognized Device Manager