Hulu Germany: How to get here to the streams?

is officially a Hulu Germany Offer not available. We show which one trick, the streaming service can still use. make smart here and receive all of your favorite series!

Among the largest streaming portals heard next Amazon, and Netflix max cathedrals - at least in the US - including Hulu, which you could use app inter alia through the Hulu download. The range of services differs widely - hence, the portal is a good addition if you are looking for new material for cozy evenings series.

Hulu GermanyHulu Germany - there's an offer here?

Hulu Germany - is eagerly been missing

From this luxury, however, German users can only dream of. Comparing our series offer the streaming portals with those of the US, we come away worse in every case. As a rule, a provider (eg Netflix) for different countries a very different repertoire available. The German-speaking very late or not at all get some runs. Hulu, however, was not brought with us only at the start. Here, the service has to offer. So put large media companies like Fox Entertainment, ABC and NBC behind the portal.

Hulu Germany offerSo far, no official offer is available

Although the official German offer is missing, there is a loophole that allows the countries lock can be bypassed so to speak.

Trick: Hulu streams through VPN client

Who does not want to wait for an official Hulu Germany will offer may come across a detour to the offer of the United States or to that of another country. Many users are familiar with this procedure even from other streaming services. So you can apply that even if you, for example, wants to see the American offer from Netflix because there new series hits or seasons usually start first.

Bypassing the countries lock works by using a VPN client. From these tools, many are on the market - but not all over and used anywhere can be. So go some streaming portals to VPN clients before and deny them access.

A test at Hulu has shown that you can access the offer, among other things with the client NordVPN. But it works safely even with a few others - that you have to try out simple.

to register & stream

Is the correct VPN client found that allows access to Hulu, the user now has to register with the service. This can be done via the online portal or the Hulu app. The APK can be downloaded for free from the link above.

Hulu Germany RegistrationThe registry is inevitable

When registering an American credit card or a US PayPal account is required which must be deposited as payment. Who does not have one of the two options, can cheat with a gift card. The gift card can be purchased on the side of MyGiftCardSupply. There are cards for one to six months. If the voucher is purchased, you will receive a code that can subscribe to the Hulu website via email.

If the VPN client is active, there is virtually its own Hulu Germany creates supply and can now unlimited use of the American streaming offering.The only drawback: The series and movies are of course in English.