If the mailbox file is damaged or mails were accidentally deleted, no need to panic. Because users can restore mails - both in Outlook and Thunderbird: Here Learn How!

Users get with Outlook or Thunderbird Download two good mail clients at hand. E-mails can be read, written, deleted and conveniently managed. Once electronic messages are lost, they can be saved.

Mails restore in Outlook

Outlook users have the advantage on their side, that the Microsoft Mail client enjoys a high popularity and there is a correspondingly wide range of recovery tools for Outlook emails. The heart of Outlook PST files, which are all mails. This file may be damaged even without apparent reason and then requires a "treatment", CopyPST scans the PST mailbox for damage. After downloading CopyPST they start the rescue operation as soon as the freeware will find it. Then she makes as many messages as possible restored. In addition, the e-mail rescuers informed about entries in the log file, which errors have been found.restore mails

Also, the e-mail Rescue goal, the OLmailRestore download. The free data recovery starts either as a standalone application or as an add-on from the e-mail client out to restore Outlook emails. OlmailRestore scours the computer for PST files and starts after the selection by the user with the restoration. The program places from each processed PST file to back up in order to get them back in case of problems.Mails restore OLmailRestore

restore mail in Thunderbird

Even though there are not so many specialized rescue programs such as Outlook for downloading Thunderbird, as well as users of the Mozilla mailer must not falter. In this section, we present a way can be restored in Thunderbird deleted mails via the.Good news first: mails that have been deleted in Thunderbird, are not lost unless the "compress folder"Function has been executed. Until that has not been done, Thunderbird marked the news only as deleted. However, they can be transported back to the surface.

save gradually Thunderbird mails

Who wants to restore Thunderbird mail, can do so without additional software. That's how it's done:

  • The user stops Thunderbird and navigate to the Thunderbird profile folder. In Windows 7, this is C: \ Users&# 92; [username] \ AppData \ Roaming \ Thunderbird \ Profiles&# 95; [zufälligezeichenfolge.default] _ to find. XP users are in C: \ Documents and Einstellungen_&# 92; [username] \ Application Data \ Thunderbird \ Profiles&# 95; [zufälligezeichenfolge.default] find it. If the file can not be located, one should consider that in the Preferences folder, no files are hidden.

  • The starting point is the mail were deleted from the input (Inbox). Now the user navigates in the profile directory for subfolders mail. This directory Thunderbird ensures ordered by mail server name, the e-mails.

  • Users can search out the appropriate mail server folder and open the file in this inbox (bears no file extension) with a double click. In addition, the editor is selected as editor. Danger: The charging process can take some time to complete because the file is usually quite large.Mails restore Thunderbird

  • Ctrl + F will now search for the appropriate e-mail. It can for example be identified by subject, but also the mail text (body) is conceivable. If the message has been found, you change to the line X-Mozilla-Status (usually the fourth line). To re-manufactured mails, is there the entry, for example, X-Mozilla-Status: amended 0001: 0009 on X-Mozilla-Status.

  • Now the user closes the file and save the changes.

  • Important: Now just delete the corresponding to the mail archive file Inbox.msf. So Thunderbird can rebuild the mail index at the next start.

  • Finally, Thunderbird will restart and the long-lost mail reappears.