FinePrint will print multi-page texts and documents space and paper-saving. Several pages of a document land as on a single sheet of paper. Blank and unwanted pages can be removed before printing.

save with FinePrint Download ink and toner costs

Fine Print protects the environment and purses, by outputting as a single sheet in the printer, up to eight pages of text. Here, structure and formatting of the original remain intact. The eco-friendly printer driver can be set as the default when printing intercepts henceforth all print jobs automatically. FinePrint is ideal for printing of manuals and instructions in a handy A5 format. Here, both sides can be printed. The number of pages of the original document to be printed per sheet of paper can be determined in the layout mode of shareware. Thanks to the preview, the user can take a look at the appearance before the expression. The headers and footers automatically take on the page numbers and the date and time of the printout on request. The printer driver has some practical and helpful features on board. Thus brochures can print double-sided and delete unwanted pages. Also, you can insert blank pages and collect multiple print jobs on demand. Useful also the stationery function with integrated watermark and store jobs in multiple formats are.

Valuable assistance for test prints FinePrint provides much convenience in printing and saves ink and toner costs and printing time. The shareware brings a lot more out of the own printer and brings up to eight conventional printing pages at one side. This is just for longer documents and test prints of great help save tons of paper and not least also a valuable contribution to the environment.