DLL Scan

DLL scan sheds close eye on unused libraries. After a freely selectable period of between one and twelve months, the guard shifts the DLL files from the System folder to another folder and makes Windows slimmer.

DLL scan download makes for a less cumbersome system

DLL Scan excluded from work files from Microsoft from. With this feature, the freeware leaves important components of the operating system intact and prevents potential problems when you start the computer. Optional but can also be DLL files from Microsoft Include. But this, the user should refrain because the move these files is more at risk for system stability.

DLL Scan Download

For problems recovery takes place

Should there be problems because of wrongly outsourced DLLs copied DLL scan them back to their original location back. If necessary, the scanner includes such libraries in the future from the outsourcing. In DLL files are to be dynamic libraries of Windows applications. These manage machine code, data and resources. DLL files are to reduce the required space by program code that could be used by more than one application is stored in a single file on the hard disk and loaded only once into main memory.

DLL Scan Download Monitor

remove files from the DLL scan watch list

In the settings, after the DLL Scan downloading and installing the Period for monitoring DLL files are freely chosen. A list of previously unused files can also be seen how the remaining days until the next deletion. The files to be moved can be selected before. Also during the monitoring, it is possible to remove certain files from the watch list. Also excluded from the audit files can be added at any time again to watchlist. For this, the appropriate files are simply marked in the list and then press the monitor button.

After the deadline, a new monitoring starts

In the recovery of deleted DLL files corresponding to selected files and put into a list for not to delete files. If the selected files will be moved to a backup directory, after the period, the freeware then starts a new monitor. Whether the scan is currently active is indicated by an icon in the system tray. Attention: Deleted files are automatically restores some of the operating system.

Set backup folder in DLL scan itself

in the current DLL Scan Download the names of the associated applications are displayed. In addition, the backup directory can now be defined individually. If not specified, the backups are performed in the program folder. In addition, users right-click can now view the properties of an DLL file.

DLL Scan Download Monitor

Search Unnecessary DLL files and delete DLL scan detects and deletes a selectable time period, all unused DLL files in the Windows system directory. After the set time the freeware shifts are no longer required DLL files in a separate folder.