MyPhoneExplorer works as a central administrator for Sony Ericsson phones and Android smartphones on Windows. The freeware synchronizes all the data stored on the phone such as contacts, text messages, images or videos between your mobile and your own computer.

MyPhoneExplorer Download: Fast management of the phone via PC

The free download of freeware MyPhoneExplorer is easy and installs easily as well. Here you can also own language festlegen.Android users need the free app MyPhoneExplorerClient to let start the synchronization via Wi-Fi. Otherwise, the user has to do the Sony supplied the mobile phone PC Suite installed on the PC so that MyPhoneExplorer can establish a data connection via cable or Blootooth by mobile phone.

Features and handling of management tools

With the MyPhoneExplorer download brings you to a free, ad-free management program for the smartphone home: The software shows the user technical phone data such as battery level, signal strength of the network or the internal and external memory status. Also, you can create a backup file so that data such as images can be formed on the cell phone in case of loss, if necessary again. Furthermore, SMS can be written on the PC and MS Outlook is synchronized.

MyPhoneExplorer download

MyPhoneExplorer provides custom menus for each task. From the main view of the user enters via pull-down menus in the respective areas for managing contacts, appointments, tasks or SMS. The features of this software can be compared with those of other software to telecommunications.

Great tool for Andorid smartphone and Sony Ericsson phones

A particularly nice feature is the control of the mobile phone with the mouse from the PC. This will only work when connected via a USB cable. This feature makes it easier, for example, to chat with the phone immensely as you type messages easily with the computer keyboard, which is much faster than on the phone keypad.

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Video tutorial about the use of MyPhoneExplorer

unfortunately it is not possible to enter special characters. For this reason, you have to use the well-known letter combinations. A tutorial on the ease of use and the download of MyPhoneExplorer be found here:

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