The free Schirmfoto manufactures of shots of the screen and saves it as an image on the hard drive. This requires not even a key combination, unlike other screenshot tools. , When he has to think of the button combinations whom already blacked out, this is the place to consult with Schirmfoto. The smart screen Photographer hooks into the program bar of all applications and adds another button. One click and the chosen program window is stored in a screenshot, either as PNG, JPG, RTF (Word) or PDF file. Alternatively sent Schirmfoto the created images by e-mail, it prints or copies it to the Windows clipboard. And watermark managers, there is still the same to not circulate soon created so as specifically for the Web page images on the Net. Who has not really closed with keyboard shortcuts friendship, but occasionally can sometimes use a screen shot, this is the place. Although Schirmfoto leaves a few functions such as picking up a certain area of ​​the screen, miss. Therefore it is easy to use and offers possible with the one-click system a great service for click friends.