Flippy Wheels

The Flippy Wheels app provides life-threatening cycling in numerous levels. Only with skill, speed and physical basic knowledge, the goal The tour can be achieved without prejudice. Who can not be put off by the minimalist graphics, will quickly succumb to the dynamics of the games. But beware: The game is not for the squeamish, as lacerations and fractures remain not out on the dangerous routes.

Flippy Wheels app

The Flippy Wheels app brings a browser classics on smartphone

Whom the whole thing reminds Happy Wheels, which is therefore not entirely wrong. In principle, the Flippy Wheels app is an adaptation of the popular browser games. Optional control players here like as a character on the bike, a scooter or a wheelchair from level to level. Here must be used not only overcome obstacles such as automatic firearms or mines, as well as several tools at the right time.

Double the fun with the level editor

The game has lots of levels created by gamers, the app has a corresponding editor. Here users their imaginations can run wild and create dangerous obstacle courses or rapid course. The levels generated can then be completed by other players. But therein lies the flaw of the game. Many of the numerous Level submitted by users, which is why the quality and playability varies greatly - as well as the associated fun of the game. But despite some immature sections the game makes a good impression overall.

Flippy Wheels App Editor

Dramatic injury despite simple graphics

Users should not be fooled by the nondescript layout of the games. Because the game is quite to the point. the character does not fit or does not respond fast enough, can sometimes a body part lost or the blood flowing in streams. Who is looking for child-friendly apps should therefore stay away from Flippy Wheels for Android. However, anyone who has a penchant for splatter and homicidal obstacles will feel well entertained - both while playing and while editing your own levels.

Free Game with commercial breaks

The free game in itself is often interrupted by commercials. Who cares, can buy an ad-free version for good one euro. However, advance is recommended at least a test of the free version.