Who is constantly littered by friends, relatives and friends with trash pictures can now provide with just one click on his smartphone restore order. the free Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp APK sweeps unnecessary images, cartoons, etc. Memes from the mobile phone.

Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp APK says goodbye to spam images

As easy WhatsApp communication also makes -so annoying this Messenger can be but sometimes. Especially when relatives discovered the client for themselves and believe that they must now daily bombard their grandchildren, children, friends and acquaintances with scary important content. Most then you get annoying video on the web or with sentences studded pictures and memes. Of perhaps 100 images a handful are just really funny times, the rest is junk.

Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp APKMagic Cleaner for WhatsApp APK - eliminates spam images

but it is annoying not only that it is thus showered unasked, the images then take just once valuable storage space on your phone away. Who does not want tedious torture by hand by the spam images desert, gets a long-awaited rescue ring with the WhatsApp Magic Cleaner. The cleanup app from exactly these useless content from the smartphone - in the blink of an eye.

So far the app is only available for Android devices, but iOS version will follow soon. The APK can be downloaded for free here. The application requires a device running Android 4.0.3 or higher.

WhatsApp MagicCleaner returns space

Over time, accumulated over WhatsApp countless pictures you by Friends & Family received. Unfortunately, exactly these images document also important space that is actually necessary for really important things. Say, you should throw just once from the mobile phone these spam images. To come through not spend hours trying to be smart, you give this job easily from the Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp APK.The tool scans the mobile gallery for content that is no longer needed. It takes into account both cartoons, memes, screenshots, notes and other content that are classified as spam.

Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp APK CategoriesThe WhatsApp MagicCleaner categorized the images

Clear classes & simply deleting

After the scan, the app shows how many images were discovered on the device. In addition, the images found are now sorted into different categories, so that the user can easily distinguish between the areas. then with just one click the found pictures of a category can be deleted.

NOTE: The app itself but can not guarantee that it is not yet private photos are somewhere between slipped. To be on the safe side, should once again scroll through the choices may, before clicking the delete button.