FONIC users receive the free FONIC app a prima control instance. In the application, SMS and free minutes and the consumption volume of data can be cross-check and adjust if necessary.

FONIC app: A must for all users of FONIC tariffs

Instead of creating it that unwary users exceed their tariff limits and slip into overpriced megabyte prices, FONIC gives its customers a solid control tool at hand. So users can conveniently manage their tariff with the FONIC Android application. The app is available for Windows Phone, iOS and Android on the market - the latter can be downloaded for free here. The app requires an account with FONIC and minimum Android version 4.0.3, like higher. Note: The offer FONIC callmobile is not supported in the application.


Simple tariff control with FONIC Android

The app helps the user to keep his balance in mind. So the app shows not only remaining SMS and call minutes in, but also just the data volume in MB. Quickly opened and FONIC app you immediately know where you stand. Thus, extra megabytes that cost an awful lot of money one saves.

Charging with the tariff app

it is found in its regular control that the data volume is running low, you do not only cumbersome to run to the computer. Users can easily adjust their balances via the app and charge. The app provides the user different ways of charging ready Firstly you can as needed via Aufladebon or hinterlegtem bank account recharge. Or you look at automatic cash injections sets. For example, you set that new credit is recharged as soon as you come under 4 euros. Or you can determine a monthly automatic charging of 10 or 20 euros.

FONIC app tariff

Comfortable tariff change

As easily can be adapted to the separate tariff. Who noted that the booked fare does not fit their own needs, puts it simply. Only one, two clicks and the new tariff is posted. The app then displays the relevant period.

Support just a click away

The app mobile operator is extremely user friendly. The main functions are found immediately on extras that distract and confuse, has been omitted. Those who are still not as good deal or find any additional questions, for example, at a fare has, can simply call the support from within the app.