Weather Center

Weather Center

Of the Weather Center Gadget Download shows information about the current weather in any city on the Windows desktop. Besides the temperature, while a number details can show such as humidity and rain forecast. As a source for the weather forecast seven different international weather specialists are equal for selection. On request, several different variations of the weather gadgets for different places can show and demonstrate the Weather forecast for up to eight days in advance.

Weather Center Gadget Download: Weather on your desktop

On the Internet, a number of different websites lure with current weather data from a selectable region or the weather forecast for the next few days. you do not want to always try a browser to get the weather for their own city or other places, the weather center gadget comes onto the scene. The free download of the weather forecast is slim, quickly integrated, and provides detailed settings for personalizing the Air Preview. So you constantly simultaneously binds the daily weather at Grandma Frieda, the prognosis of local vending days at own residence and Weekend Preview for the log cabin at the lake one on the Windows desktop. Thanks to various design, the widget nestles this elegantly on to the native Windows theme.

Weather Center Gadget Download

Personalizing the Desktop Weather

Once installed, the gadget is available by right-clicking the Windows desktop -> Gadgets -> Weather Center in a few seconds ready. After clicking on Options user first set up the desired city. Prima: There are not only cities, but also smaller places available through the provider AccuWeather we found village such as Buxtehude or Blasbach. After entering the street name to click on Find is then still necessary, there are several of the same places in the world, they are listed and can be selected by clicking. Pro Weather Center only the selection of a single location is possible to have several locations in mind, it appears the Weather Center Gadget Download just several times a.

Weather Center gadget download locations

In the Settings tab, details are now available for display in Weather Gadget ready. Here you can choose one of four designs, displays the country name and switches the temperature display to Celsius to Fahrenheit or Windgeschwindkeikeit of m / s to km / h or mp / h. In addition, the interval for updating the display can be set here. Practical: there is no permanent Internet connection, will be shown on request instead of an error message, the most recently transferred jurisdiction.

Weather Center gadget download settings

Petrus en détail: display of air humidity, wind speed and precipitation

Per options to upgrade to the display of weather information and on. In addition to the current as well as the daily high and lowest values ​​up to four optional additional values ​​can show simultaneously. However, not all information is available at each of the seven available weather services. Here you must try. Available are the following temperatures:

  • Feels
  • wind speed
  • Winds
  • humidity
  • precipitation
  • probability of thunderstorms
  • air pressure
  • Air pressure fluctuation
  • air quality
  • visibility
  • UV index
  • UV Level
  • sunrise
  • sunset
  • moonrise
  • Moonset
  • moon phases
  • degree of longitude
  • degree of latitude

Weather Center Gadget Download Options

The gadget will not be developed any further. In order to use it on Windows 8 still helps a little trick. With the Windows 8 desktop gadgets to make these little helpers in the latest Windows.