Wise Care 365

At the Wise Care 365 Download is it is a successful tuning tool with many features and a clear interface. The Windows tool solves performance brakes in the operating system. The free tool box also has a practical one-click optimizer on board.

The Wise Care 365 download provides good protection and optimization of the PC

Who his system of Wise Care leaves it checked after the first launch 365, so learn all sorts on his computer and might as well start with the clearing out, cleaning up and optimizing. On the fashionable design, the surface of the user has quick access to all functions of the tuning tools. but he can change the individual options and start the tools via the icon in the taskbar.

Wise Care 365 DownloadWise Care 365 Download: Free tune-up tool with many features (screenshot: editorial)

Numerous settings for security and privacy

Windows Optimizer not only checks standards such as the status of the Windows registry or the emergence of spurious data on the hard drive. The Security Settings takes the helper under the microscope and also brings a password generator with the computer. There is included, among others, whether the firewall is well configured.

About the Startup Manager, the user decides which programs to start simultaneously with at startup, thereby speeding up the start-up of the PC. With just one click the Download Wise Care 365 a tidy Windows leaves when selecting the automatic scan. However, if you do not want to rely on the work of the one-click optimizer manually examined the individual areas and admits there on gradually.

Wise Care 365 download privacyThe tuning tool alerts you when privacy risks are found. (Screenshot: Editorial)

The system cleaning removes unnecessary files

The available system cleaning, which deletes unnecessary files and a drive and registry defragmentation, which can improve the speed and performance; Also on board are a system optimizer, which helps provide faster boot-up and various privacy options that provide additional security options. Here is look for the password generator to create secure passwords and a data shredder for the final deletion.

Particularly clever is the integrated backup function: Before the cleanup Wise Care 365 sets also by request from the user a restore point. This is quite recommendable even if in the course of optimization should once something goes wrong.

Wise Care 365 Download System OptimizerThe system optimizer helps provide faster boot (Screenshot: editorial)

The cleaning tool disposed of garbage and checks the registry entries

The layout of Wise Care 365 provides a neat user interface with several options that are to be operated with a simple click. Therefore, the operation is quite easy to handle. Succeeded, the possibilities of an automatic and a manual scan, which then optimizes the PC individual.

Wise Care 365 download System CleanupWise Care 365 also takes a test and clean up the Windows Registry (Screenshot: editorial)

A PC validator checks the PC only once on the existing potential for optimization. After that, the program offers the user to automatically apply the retrieved corrections. Among other things, garbage to be disposed of, deleted cache files of various programs and checked the registry entries. The user can create a desired task scheduling for Wise Care 365, are automatically completed with the selected cleaning tasks on a regular basis.

Pro and Free version of Wise Care 365

The Wise Care 365 download first installs itself in the paid Pro version and can be used after the trial phase with functional limitations in the free version. To the Pro features include, among others, additional skins, automatic update function and a personal erase mode. optimize many additional software for PC includes our well-stocked download catalog.

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