Of the PdfGrabber download added PDF documents back to their original condition and converts the files to various common office and image formats to. The shareware also has its own PDF printer on board.

PDFs convert and export with the PdfGrabber download

Those who want to edit the contents of PDF files without time-consuming reverse engineering of the layout has the PdfGrabber a valuable resource to hand. PDF documents can be converted with the shareware including in PowerPoint presentations, Word documents or Excel spreadsheets. All text, images and even Illustrations appear in neat separate own frame.

PdfGrabber download

Convert PDFs to editable PdfGrabber Illustrations

PdfGrabber produces images in JPG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and Verktorgrafiken in SVG format to further process them in graphics programs. HTML5 is also available as output profile to choose from. Another plus: who exported files for CAD programs such as AutoCAD, sets itself to scanned PDFs into editable vector graphics. The most important Applications when converting PDFs with PdfGrabber:

  • PDF to Word: export images, lines, graphs and tables from PDF to Word text
  • Excel to PDF: see tables in PDF documents and export to Excel
  • convert PDF documents to PowerPoint presentations: PDF to PowerPoint
  • Export PDFs with technical drawings in DXF / AutoCAD: PDF to CAD / DXF
  • to image PDF: export images from PDF documents or convert all pages in a picture
  • Convert PDF files into HTML pages: PDF to HTML
  • View PDF files on tablet PCs and eBook readers: PDF to ePUB / eBook
  • Output PDF content and meta-information for further processing as XML PDF to XML
  • convert PDF documents into vector-based SVG format: PDF to SVG
  • Export PDF content in ASCII text: PDF to Text
  • generate PDF: PDF documents from any printable application via the PdfPrinter create

Convert entire documents or individual areas

Even with multi-page documents PdfGrabber copes easily. The shareware convert either complete the entire document at once or cares if desired only to specific, user-defined ranges. The shareware sees itself with the generation of the popular eBook format ePub.

PdfGrabber download conversion

Exported texts are watermarked

The trial version already includes all the features of the paid full version PdfGrabber Professional. However, it provides the exported texts at a random location with 'X' mark. Graphics and images will also receive a watermark and CAD files are exported only about two-thirds. More PDF tools are included in our software catalog for free download.

Limitations of PdfGrabber

There are randomly inserted 'X' characters in the exported text.