Samsung Kies

Behind the slightly crooked geratenen for German-speaking users program name Samsung Kies the official synchronization and management tool of the South Korean electronics group hides. That herewith the key to smart phones and tablets intended to mean betrays a look at the logo of the freeware.

Slowdown gravel Download: Two versions for different mobile

However, it should really be called the key, because there are two Samsung Kies downloads a version in row 2 and 3 in version number. Gravel 3 takes over the support of Samsung models from Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4 on Android 4.4.2 upwards, For all prior devices gravel 2 is responsible. For mobile devices from other manufacturers plenty of alternative programs of the genre telecommunications can be found in our software offering for download.

samsung kies download

Connects to a corresponding Samsung Mobile via USB cable or wireless to the PC and Samsung Kies, this automatically detected and the contents stored there in an iTunes-like interface appears. Depending on the level of the mobile device capturing of pictures, videos, music and contact information may take some time to complete.

Convenient data management on smartphone and tablet from the PC

But after that the files can be managed quite comfortable, which for example, Deleting unnecessary files concerns. Optional Samsung Kies also offers the opportunity To synchronize data between the computer and phone or tablet, namely either automatically after a successful connection or manual request. Here the Samsung Kies refers incidentally also download Contact data from social networks as well as with a Entries Outlook address book. Also be Playlists from iTunes and Windows Media Player transferred to the libraries. The same applies to songs from audio CDs, namely equal properly tagged and named. From the library are then transmitted it to his mobile.

Firmware update and recovery for Galaxy and Co.

the Samsung Kies proves helpful download also in terms of Firmware Update, the at existing cable connection at Mobile up to date of things is brought. WLAN Unfortunately this feature is not available, which also applies to the transfer DRM-protected media. Suffers the system software of the mobile by a crash damage, it can be via Kies back into working order offset. The same applies to the other data, provided you have previously from Backup functions Availed.

Gravel 2 operated in two different versions

Samsung Kies 2 can be otherwise out of the program in a so-called simple mode switch. This can also be achieved, in the per desktop icon Samsung Kies Lite is started. Here all the features of its big brother are basically contained, but just greatly simplified and can be reached only ever one click.

Gravel 3 for newer Samsung Telephone

To all appearances, very similar to this is also true, one uses a newer Samsung device with Samsung Kies 3. This could be indeed verify beyond doubt the absence of test equipment, but it's hard to assume.

Kolportierte stability problems not reproducible

Much was or is to be read on the Internet to stability problems of both versions of Samsung Kies. Whether these still exist or have since been resolved, this question can not be answered conclusively here, even though gravel 2 crashed once a test - but this is in the frame.