AVG PC Tuneup

AVG PC Tuneup

Of the AVG PC Tuneup Download checks Windows machine through its paces and optimized if necessary, the most important system settings. The shareware repairs among other erroneous entries in the system database, optimizes the performance of hard drives and protects the user’s privacy while surfing the Internet.

AVG PC Tuneup Download: Powerful tool for system optimization

Per scan for the helper provides an overview to incorrect registry entries, orphaned shortcuts, junk files and disk fragmentation. The built-in system consultant facing the AVG PC Tuneup download some screws, that are used to enhance PC speed and security. By clicking the optimizer notebooks set to airplane mode, as known from smartphones and tablets ago.

Tuning program with numerous optimization functions

The main view is divided by the AVG PC Tuneup download and installation into six tabs: Dashboard, Optimize, clean up, fix problems, Customize and all functions. The dashboard issued a first overview of the performance and any existing problems of your own computer. The four areas maintenance, PC performance, condition and Rescue Center in traffic light colors give the first clues to the existing optimization potential.

AVG PC Tuneup Download

reduce system load with AVG PC Tuneup targeted

AVG PC Tuneup makes optional the resource utilization of CPU, memory, disk and network graphically visible. In the tab Optimizing PC tuner brings together a whole range of tools for the targeted reduction in system load. These range from the disk defragmenter and garbage collector of the Windows registry to the optimization of the system startup and uninstall unneeded programs.

eliminate telltale traces

The rider Clean is all about winning space and erase telltale data tracks. AVG PC TuneUp Windows admits to, cleans the browser, removed broken links and off target specific Windows features. In addition, the tuning tool is searching for duplicate files and deletes the shredding sensitive files safe and fast.

AVG PC Tuneup Download Clean

Check hard drives and recover deleted files

remedy the problems department dedicated to the review of the system and the elimination of typical failure disorders. The hard drives are checked for errors here, restore deleted files, running processes completed and interesting system information appears.

AVG PC Tuneup Download Design

Customize Windows design with AVG PC Tuneup as you wish

Under Customize manages the user to the Windows settings and design according to their own needs to change. Taskbar, animations, effects, and Folder Options will also undergo changes as adjustments to certain system elements, to the file system and the symbolic representation. Heading All functions finally summarizes again all the tools and tools together clearly, so that they are accessible with one click.

Limitations of AVG PC Tuneup

15 days trial

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AVG PC Tuneup Download Editor's Rating