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The full version free Office templates operates under the title The large package Franzis Office and has earned more than fully that name. In four parts of the program, the Freeware more than 10,000 sample documents for Microsoft Office together.

Full Version: Free Office templates suitable download for Office 2013

Although the four-part download the full version free Office templates carries the version Additional 2010 and the program launcher also indicates Office of 2007. The test showed that the models of documents as well as the 2013er version of the Office suite could easily call. are included in the software package:

  • Word templates
  • Excel templates
  • Outlook templates
  • PowerPoint Templates

Who does not find the right thing here, reference is made to the numerous downloads for printed material of all kinds in our software catalog. Get delivered the free templates for Office by means of a program already mentioned starter. This causes the selected one of four original packages in an interface similar to Windows Explorer and the documents initially divided into templates for Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word.

Free templates for business and private

In the next level of your Full Version Free Office Templates Downloads then choosing between Templates for the private and business sector, the Outlook patterns mails are first divided into text and greeting messages. An outline level deeper you then reached in the business templates Categories such as order confirmation, order, communication and Form. At the lowest level, the Sparten Handwerk, trade and services, the document templates are then found at last as such.

more than 10,000 office-templates free to download

The private templates were similarly pulped divided into folders and subfolders. If This breakdown of the free Office templates the last word is, seems at least difficult question, especially since in the area of ​​sample documents for private use the sort not always conclusive appears.

Search function finds quite quickly looking templates for Office

A little faster and more targeted leads you the search to the desired result, the hit accuracy acts also expandable. At least in the short test promoted the search for "Easter" For example, plenty of templates for baptism to light. As something more selective, if not perfect, after all, the search demonstration after "Christmas", The search function can be incidentally in their options so Refine spend only the exact search term to be limited to the display of results with whole words or in the variant "Google syntax" with a minus exclude featured Tags completely from the search.

Preview feature provides an outlook on the sample document

The search results, whether achieved download manually or by the full version free Office templates, presented the program in list form including a small Vorschaubildchens. Its size can vary, but is itself the highest possible Pixelmaß still too small to be able to recognize on something, especially since it is the list view will be hard shot to pieces.

more than 10,000 templates for word, outlook, powerpoint and excel free to download

As helpful as the already proven to preview in the lower left corner of the program, which also some of the Office Templates for meaningful Preview still too small being represented. Here then is the only Click on the preview button in the left navigation bar of the free templates for Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel then maps full size and also includes information concerning application and handling. If you have identified the right for his purpose sample document, it will called by clicking on the associated program, provided that it is defined in Windows as standard. Alternatively, can the also first copy the desired template into any hard disk folder.

Free Office Templates - quantity or quality?

to Quality of individual templates for Office can be alone given the sheer volume of documents difficult to make a statement, which also applies to the completeness of the selection of templates. Also assessing the optics does not fall easily, seem but most of the patterns, although well structured clicking through, but illustrated with clip art that are now even clearly a matter of taste. Who does not like like images, can replace in Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint with your own graphics, which also applies to the fonts.

Templates also conditionally suitable for OpenOffice and LibreOffice

Otherwise, the files contained in the full version free Office templates can Open with Microsoft's free competition OpenOffice or LibreOffice. Due to the still not one hundred percent compatibility are here but unpredictable Fluctuations in terms of design and especially in Excel malfunction of macros and formulas well within the bounds of possibility. Templates for the free OpenOffice and LibreOffice are found incidentally also in our software catalog templates for the free OpenOffice and LibreOffice can also be found incidentally in our software catalog.

Limitations of the full version: Free Office Templates

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