World of Tanks

World of Tanks turns the computer into a veritable battlefield. Together with up to 14 other players you climb a virtual tank in the freeware game and puts his competitors, including towns and cities as far as possible efficiently to rubble. Here is an ever-growing range of rolling fortresses and self-propelled artillery from German, Soviet, Chinese, American, and French and Japanese production to choose from. Their control and the use of weapons systems is kept at World of Tanks deliberately simple, focus puts the shooter on the team tactics and gameplay. Therefore, the online game is based not too strictly to the reality. Close your eyes and open fire! more is the motto, which can be the tanks in World of Tanks quite adjusted to the individual taste. Who, for example, rather hangs up tempo, dispensed with massive armor and designed his vehicle lighter and more nimble. That such a procedure opponent hits brings one or the other disadvantage, however, should be clear ... By the way: Who is more likely to dogfights, should definitely take a look at World of Warplanes from the same manufacturer. New in Version 9: The game mode Historical battles in the tank battles of World War II, the basic form this game. Also in our software catalog can be found with gadget that statistics and Co. brings to the desktop.