Pokémon Go eggs hatch without a meter to run

Pokémon Go eggs are idiosyncratic things. To hatch them, much needs to be moved. Hardy only that doing the app to his needs and the battery dies in agony. But not with these tricks!

After downloading the app Pokémon Go players can catch the little monsters not only Pokeballs but they also breed. The eggs needed for this can be found in the so-called player Pokéstopps or buy in the store. Following the unhatched monsters must be hatched, in incubators, which draw their "energy" from last kilometers. Easier said than done, because the game must be enabled if you scrub kilometers. So far, so good, the app would not be the absolute killer for each battery.

hatch Pokémon Go eggs without movement

However, the eggs can also be hatched without having to raise his ass off the couch. With these tricks, the app still eats the battery though, but the eggs hatch conveniently near a local outlet. Meanwhile, appear more and more crazy ways in which the incubators can be tricked:

1. The record player

Who calls a turntable its own, can make this future hatch Pokémon Go eggs. Dazulegen smartphone with open app on the platter and leaves it with 33 turns (LP) run.

Pokémon Go eggscan easily hatch from the turntable the Pokémon Go eggs. (Picture: pixabay)

2. The bicycle

Who does not have a record player, can clamp his smartphone and between the spokes of his bicycle, put it on the handlebars and saddle and rotate from the couch the wheel. Alternatively, you can just slow cycling, it is too fast, are in fact not credited to the kilometers.

3. Staubsaugerroboter

Holder of a vacuum cleaner robot seem to belong more to to the more comfortable people. The investment in the auto housekeeping makes now also the hatching of the eggs paid. Just put your smartphone on the vacuum cleaner and leave it to the movement.

4. The storage

Admittedly, not near a home power socket, but still with the option to get the smartphone via mobile phone car charger alive. Well of course it is nonsense to drive specially for hatching the Pokémon Go eggs in a traffic jam. However, you should actually start the app during rush hour and in stop & Go city traffic at least a few meters to take.

Tip: Who wants to talk with other gamers directly in the game, which is Messenger for Pokémon GO app down for the rest of the download of the heart. The tool is based on the location data other players in the immediate vicinity and enables easy to get in touch with them and to share via text message.