VisiPics analyzes large photo collections by doppelgangers and similar shots. Who has accumulated a lot of pictures of very different sources, get with the freeware a useful resource to hand to find duplicates and delete them. VisiPics does not limit itself to ferret identical file names, but also takes into account the checksums of the images to make duplicates reliably and unambiguously identified. The operation of the freeware is simple, the search pretty fast. The user specifies the folder to its collections of images and decides based on certain filter settings about how similar images may be, so that they are characterized by VisiPics as duplicates. VisiPics example unmasked two different resolutions of the same image as a duplicate, or even the same image in different formats. As lookalike images remains to be in if you have only been small, cosmetic changes. The discovered duplicate lists VisiPics clearly on the related information such as file name, size and resolution. The user can decide by auto-select freely whether he wants to keep the images with better resolution or smaller file size, or both.