Clash of Clans for Android

Since the release in August 2012, the popular fantasy game is no longer to drive from the top echelons of app downloads. Only the game celebrated huge success on Apple devices, but now mixes Clash of Clans Android right on. Located in a fantasy game world fighting gamers in the free-to-play game opponents from around the world in a fun geratenen genre mix of different types of games. If you like the combination of strategy, combat and simulation, will love this game.

Clash of Clans AndroidIn Clash of Clans Android is waiting for you a bright colorful mix of strategy, structure and tower defense. (Image: Supercell)

Clash of Clans Android: Pop Colorful and extremely more fun mix of genres

elements from Construction and real-time strategy are also found in the Clash of Clans App like classic Tower-defense components. According to the Free Game begins after downloading a small village, which will be expanded in various ways by little, so that you fight the Players from around the world can be made.

By strengthening in Clash of Clans Android is a quite simple knitted economic system, based on the four commodities gold, elixir, dark elixir and jewels. This one needs to to build defenses and its to bring arms production in motion. Both are also urgently needed, because after an initial honeymoon period is seen to regular attacks on his camp exposed.

Clash of Clans Android DefenseDefend your village against other players or computer opponents or attack their buildings. (Image: Supercell)

Also in this strategy game violence begets violence

While this does not result in the fantasy game, which is also known as COC, even in case of defeat to the complete destruction of the settlement, but the tedious hoarded and planned for the expansion of the next building raw materials are first of all history. The solution to this problem? Revenge and counterattack, but for that it needs the appropriate course troops ...

However, it is in attacks on enemy settlements quickly realize that it is not enough to simply let go of any type of weapon as many units on the fortifications. Since each of the characters also has its peculiarities as the defenses remains possibly even by the most powerful force in the end nothing left but a vast burial ground ...

Clash of Clans Android Goblin KingThe main objective: the nasty goblin king must go! (Image: Supercell)

Clash of Clans Wars provide epic battles

is not called the CoC app incidentally quite by chance: If you want, joins forces with other gamers and from then fights battles truly epic proportions from your smartphone or tablet. It is also sent their own strengths and those of the other clan members use to stomp the opposing factions as far as possible effectively unangespitzt into the ground. Absolutely necessary the port is not in a clan after downloading the app by the way, more fun the brawl in comic style then but already, considering along with others in the battle. Alternatively, to play the fantasy game also alone in the form of a campaign against computer opponents. But watch out: Prior to attacks by other players, this mode is not long protect!

Free-to-play restrictions dampen fun

the gameplay is somewhat marred unfortunately by the Free-to-Play usual restrictions Free for gamers. Or invest better by the still significant benefits for all those who the real coin for in-game purchases in the form of jewels. With these, one buys a significantly faster gameplayIt can pretty, frustrating when you wait for enough raw materials for the next stage of development and, meanwhile plundered several times by stronger players to his shirt.

Nevertheless: Clash of Clans Android makes you feel good! Also, if a certain Mr. Neeson sees the whole thing might be a little too seriously, like this funny promotional clip shows the game:

If you like tower defense, but rather eintauscht building against card strategy should also look at the "Spin-Off"The Clash Royale app, throw. But beware: highly addictive! Strategists get their money!