Inside Out App

Fans of emotional Disney-Pixar film can with the Inside Out App plunge again into the world of Riley and her emotions. The cute bubble shooter brings hundreds of levels, many challenges and characters and locations from the movie on the smartphone or tablet.

Inside Out App - The game for animated film

Inside Out as the animated film from Disney and Pixar's original score, was presented in May 2015 to the film festival in Cannes. Since then he has recorded about 83.3 million US dollars and is regarded as the second best Pixar film behind Toy Story 3rd Many nominations of various awards followed. Which of joy, anger, fear and disgust was equally enthusiastic, the cute characters can bring to your smartphone.The app is available for Android and iOS free, but offers in-app purchases. In addition, advertising is displayed, which can however be changed via the settings of the phone or turn off.

Inside Out AppThe Inside Out app brings a cute bubble shooter game with Riley's emotions on smartphone

In Inside Out game sort memory balls

Behind the app puts a bubble shooter whose video is just as cute and succeeded as the animated film. In terms of content the game is inspired by the film. For example, the gamer is sent on an adventurous journey in the command center of Riley in which live their emotions. The player is to help her to earn their daily routine by sorting memory balls and recombined. Thus, the present in the field bubbles must as is known from Bubble Shooter Games, will be destroyed.

It is nice that the players left to return to all the fantastic places of the film. So he enters the fantasy land that dream studios or the family island.

Inside Out App LevelIn over 200 levels reminder balls must be sorted

Challenges and power-ups in the puzzle game

To avoid boredom, waiting in the Inside Out app more than 200 levels to the player. Here, new characters can always be activated with which you can experience more adventures. Each character also has their own abilities, which can deploy with power-ups. Joy brings sunshine, anger has to bring fireballs in the luggage, balls to burst and disgust is hectic. Caution is advised when obstacles such as Brain Freeze must be overcome. In addition, can be played in four different types of players.

Graphics and sound are also head

Not only children will be available in the all head game about the charming graphics happy. You feel transported back to the cinema with 3D animations. This is ensured by the acoustic stimuli. Including original speakers were involved from the film.