YouTube age restriction bypass Download & Video

YouTube age restriction bypass Download & Video

The YouTube age limit deal – even without registration. This guide shows how to do it. Trick 17 apply, see all videos & Download! Some content on the video portal YouTube are not meant for the eyes of minors and are therefore not shown them. who these circumvent YouTube age restriction want, you can apply a little trick. After bypassing the lock also download and convert the video is possible. The right helper for these tasks is the Free YouTube Download, which can be downloaded for free here.

deal without registration YouTube age restriction

They give you a YouTube link sent and would like to call him directly, but receives the message This video may be inappropriate for some users. In this case, YouTube requires registration in order to determine the basis of the registered data, whether the user is of legal age. But if you just can not access his account or wants because he waived his work computer, with friends or on a public computer to YouTube surfing either the video – or follow the instructions below. This brings to light tricks how users can bypass the YouTube age restriction. this is especially interesting for users who want to create a google account. circumvent YouTube age restriction

get what YouTube video is age-restricted

In order to protect minors from content that is not suitable for them, YouTube has provided some videos with an age limit. To act in accordance with the protection of minors and also comply with its own guidelines, the video portal checked the videos that are reported to them daily. Videos that are not suitable for minors, include:

  • Sexual content and nudity
  • Strong language
  • Violence, the glorification of violence and disturbing images
  • Presentation of dangerous and harmful activities

So the video lock is bypassed

The following instructions assume that it is the User is full Jähre who want to circumvent this limitation because they do not want to register with YouTube or do not want to sign out of the current situation out or can. There is no encouragement for minors to retrieve inappropriate content! YouTube age restriction handle calls Step 1: First, YouTube is opened on the web and call the appropriate video to the age barrier. If the user is not logged in, the message that a registration is necessary in order to confirm the required age. Step 2: The trick to circumvent the age restriction concerns the URL of the video. In the address bar of a URL is to be found in the following form: Critical of the middle part is watch? V =. Mark this part in the address bar and replace it with v /. YouTube age restriction bypass URL Step 3: the URL has been processed, the page must now be reloaded. For this, press F5 or click the round arrow next to the address bar. Now the content of the video is available. Step 4: Whoever wants to download and convert this video may include this modified link in the Start window of the Free YouTube Download program. The rest is the tool.