GTA 1 2023


By various elements of action, racing games, urban simulation and FPS games most gamers friends have the game GTA 1 in their hearts. Rightly so, because as varied as the Grand Theft Auto series is hardly a second game.

The infamous GTA 1 Download for PC

Of the Download GTA 1 delivers what it promises at all levels: Quick and easy it comes to the computer and the installation is just as quickly. These gamers now has a classic action game genre on his PC, which combines several elements of tension with each other compared to other arcade and action games for free download, namely elements of first-person shooters, racing games and big city simulators.

GTA 1 Download

Without real cutscene with GTA by city

Beginning with the first part of the GTA series the gaming world open passable for gamers. But unlike in later versions that time there were no real cut scenes that tell a completely coherent background story. But the Baller- and racing game action already existed: These are the elements with which the gamer has to fulfill its various missions. The orders he receives by taking calls a phone booth counter, or increases in parked cars on the roadside. Mainly the missions consist of eliminating opponents, stealing cars or destroy vehicles. Also, once the destruction of the police station goal of the mission. The central means of transportation is always the car, with which the player is small race down through the city.

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GTA 1 download big city

Graphical features and control

The total playing time on the Gamblers moved from a 2D bird’s eye view through the game world. The control simplifies tremendously because he can see exactly where he is going and what he wants to do. But you can see the game simply that it has under its belt almost 20 years of age: The graphics are highly pixilated and the movements often seem a bit uncoordinated. The following video shows the first mission of GTA 1 again, so still undecided to have a picture of this famous game:

The noise is a bit exhausting it as the noise of engine and brake noise and the noise of many horns is omnipresent. But that was indeed revised by the makers over time. The classic is one simple on each computer For game fans of GTA heard one download for the PC as an obligatory game repertoire like praying in the church. It is in this game that is an absolute classic that provides with many different game elements for fun, action and variety. Since the operation this is still simple and intuitive, GTA 1 is an absolute download tip and an absolute must-have.