With the SlitherPlus download User secure numerous advantages over all other players. These include not only the coveted zoom function, their own backgrounds or individual selection of the server to be played on. has developed from an insider tip to a mass phenomenon in no time. The intersection of and Snake can either play app on the smartphone or tablet directly in the browser or by downloading the hack with the SlitherPlus Download

The hack is strictly on an add, that only works with Chrome. The installation is very easy. The link leads to SlitherPlus Download the Chrome Web Store. The command Add to Chrome extension can be easily integrated in the browser. Now, only the side of must be called. Already on the home screen, numerous extensions of the hack can be recognized.

SlitherPlus downloadThe functions of the SlitherPlus download.

These functions are available:

After SlitherPlus download User can access the following additional functions:

  • Selecting the server
  • zoom
  • personal background
  • Custom graphics settings
  • Customize Skins

Especially the zoom convinced in the game. The mouse wheel can be zoomed out zoom in the game and (more important). So you can quickly detect and died turned to food particles teammates and accelerate their inclusion growth significantly. Even when other gamers try their own snake encircle that is detected early, as soon as one takes some distance to wimmenden happening thanks to the zoom. For those who prefer individual can select their own background image. For this, the link only has copied the picture and pasted into the corresponding free field. The next time (although tiled) the selected image appears as a background.

After SlitherPlus download customize the backgroundThe background can be easily adjusted with a link to the image.

Opponents gouge thanks Hack and the right tactics

With the add-on, players can gain a distinct advantage over other gamers. Especially the zoom function stands out from other loose. Nevertheless, it remains not too long in the game without the right tactics. Who needs ideas for the right strategy can mutate with these tricks for Mega Snake.