Per minute 100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube allegedly. Certainly there is including many things that you do not necessarily see. in turn, can see other clips you look may not watch often enough. However, a prerequisite is always an active Internet connection. However, this eliminates the corresponding browser add-on: the Adobe Flash Player Video Downloader Firefox loads the clip after installation down easy. So you can be the videos without an Internet connection anytime and watch them anywhere.

Flash Video Downloader Firefox also useful for video-authors

Practically, the Flash Video Downloader Firefox but not only, if you want to save the clips on the computer in order to be able to watch without an Internet connection on other devices at any time. Makers who, equipped with the appropriate software, also create videos and want to put it online can use the downloaded footage for their own works again, for example for cinematic collages.

Flash Video Downloader Firefox

Downloader addon requires little memory

Unlike many other free programs to download Youtube & Co. is the Flash Video Downloader Firefox a very slim browser add-on that does not even occupy 1,000 KB of memory and not slow down the Internet surfing with Mozilla Firefox. The installation and operation of the program are also very smoothly.

Flash Video Downloader Firefox Installation

Browser displays downloadable videos

After downloading the add-ons from our download area installation with Firefox is first confirmed. After that, the browser is restarted. Then the Flash Video Downloader Firefox displays the videos, can download free, in a new browser window. Previously, the user needs only the corresponding FVD download icon click, which is in Firefox left of the Menu icon and the color changes when you surf on a web page on which a downloadable video is. If you use the downloader addon for the first time, you will be asked at the first video after various configuration options, for example, in which format you want to download the videos.

Download videos in different formats

YouTube clips can be downloaded in various formats and stored, for example, to MP4, FLV low or even HD. The MP4 format has the advantage that you then can see on the iPod the videos, for example. The list of currently supported video platforms is long: Apart from YouTube and Google Video are also Dailymotion, Metacafe,,, and some more there.

Flash Video Downloader Firefox screenshot

Practical add-on for users and video authors Thanks to the Flash Video Downloader Firefox you will be as fans of YouTube and Co. a more independent of a fast Internet connection and can look at his favorite clips from the local hard disk or on the go from your smartphone at any time. Installation is easy, as is the service. Indispensable tool is not only for users who just want video clips to view, but also for those who produce videos. The handy Firefox addon you can download the clips in different formats and then reuse in their own factories.