heightmap Creator

The Heightmap Creator created with a few mouse clicks Height and color map. The Heightmap Creator processed two maps at the same time, for the one Heightmap (height values) and the color map (for colors). Is, for example, with the color 'red' is drawn on the painted Heightmap instead of red with the corresponding grayscale value. The maps can of course also be edited separately. With the built-in generators, the maps can be created with one click. Besides the classic drawing tool, the program offers also make it even more interesting, some filters such as Blur, Smoothen, Emboss u.v.a the map. The program includes, among other things Brushes, making prefabricated things like rivers, hills, water, etc. that are drawn on the map with a single click of the mouse position. An important function has also been integrated - Lightmap. From the Heightmap a Lightmap can be generated, which makes the terrain look more realistic. It is also possible to produce color maps with textures. Even the subsequent inking of color maps is possible. The program has a 3D preview. The preview is not a 3D (Game) Engine comparable, yet one has a good overview of how the maps will look later in the own engine or game. Note: A manual and tutorials are currently therefore not included in the package being processed and. These can then however be downloaded from the website. To use the program no 3D accelerator card is necessary, as was decided not to use a 3D Api.