In SEPAmacher the program name indicates already to the function. The freeware generated from Excel or OpenOffice Calc files SEPA data, which are needed to create direct debit transactions. In the main, to SEPAmacher aimed at smaller clubs, the treasurer would collect contributions by direct debit from the members. Whose work the virtual bankers facilitated by a step-by-step wizard, is entered in the first operation information of the client. This affects about details such as the name, IBAN, BIC and creditors IDs. In step two SEPAmacher reads then the tables templates, with even the option is to correct the member data contained therein to export on this basis, an updated CSV file or print out the lineup. Finally, the treasurers of freeware share with the due date of the indentation, and then export the resulting SEPA file - done. The hiervorliegende version is, moreover, for very small teams with a maximum of ten members. For larger clubs of Manufacturer SEPAmacher offers in fee-based configuration levels.