Delete WhatsApp group - as a member and as an admin

Delete WhatsApp group – as a member and as an admin

Who a Delete WhatsApp group want, get with this guide is a quick and easy instructions. A distinction must be on the one hand, how to delete a WhatsApp group as Admin and how as a mere member finally again on the other hand go. We’ll tell below, as both options work!

Delete WhatsApp group made easy

The group chat after WhatsApp for Android download is known to be very practical. Up to 256 people can chat in this way in a group simultaneously and mutually exchange messages, voice messages, images and videos. However, this can sometimes be of good too much, especially when it comes to unwanted group invitations. Most of WhatsApp users will not at all asked if he really wants to join a group also, but it is simply invited by the Group owner, without being able to prevent it.

Who henceforth received numerous messages of a very active, but not very interesting for the user group, will soon remember to leave again and clear the WhatsApp group completely out of his chats. Of course, while the group does not delete itself, but only the respective user from the group removed so that it will henceforth be bothered more with no further news of the other group members.

Delete WhatsApp groupDelete WhatsApp Group: Two perspectives can be distinguished here. (Picture: WhatsApp / Editorial)

leave and WhatsApp group as a member Delete

Who wants to leave the group and delete it from its list WhatsApp, enters the chat screen with a long finger into the options menu and uses leave the entry group in the menu. Alternatively, the user can select the entry Info group and leave the group button below the use of members. After leaving the group, it can delete via group also irrespective of their own WhatsApp chats are removed, there to get some more clarity after the unneeded group chats are eliminated from the overview. When the user exits only from the group but does not delete it retains despite leaving the group insight into what is happening there: If you leave a group, is removed from this, he sees the Group continue in his chats, however, and may wish to continue to follow the chat history.

Delete WhatsApp group memberWho wants to leave as a member of a group that uses the Options menu. (Picture: WhatsApp / Editorial)

WhatsApp group removed as a group founder

Only the administrator itself is able to delete a WhatsApp group completely. However, the admin as a Group owner can only pay off a WhatsApp group if it has not a single member. He must first remove all participants before finally sending the group into everlasting digital hunting grounds. First, the administrator typed this, click the Info group. There, all members are listed, which are disposed in succession from the group. If only he himself is left as a group founder, he chooses the very bottom the option group leave and after he is no longer a member of the group, the option WhatsApp group appears to delete. After that, the group is one thing of the past and no longer exists.

What happens when the founder of the group leaves this early?

Not always, however, the founder of a group as an administrator to delete the group. It may also happen so that he leaves the group prematurely as a member. In this case, the group continues to exist because it still has members. The randomly decides which explains the group members to the new admin. This has in due time, the possibility of dissolving the whole WhatsApp group.

Can other members admins will remove the WhatsApp group?

Each admin of the group can also make a participant as co-admin. A WhatsApp group can have unlimited many admins. Who would like to explain a participant to Admin, open the group chat, tap on the subject and the group information screen on the contact’s name to be admin. Now only "make for Admin" Select from the menu and also the new Co-Admin has henceforth to delete a group or remove users or add them to the right. A WhatsApp group can have up to 256 members.

WhatsApp group mute as an alternative for deleting

Another tip at the end and annoyed party members as an alternative to WhatsApp Delete Group: The group alerts can be set silently for a certain period on. still then obtained although the messages that are sent to the group, but the phone will not vibrate even play a sound when a new message arrives. To turn a group of silent, the user opens the group chat and group information screen, typing on silent mode and select the period for which he wants to turn the group silent.

Delete WhatsApp group MuteThe group notifications can be disabled for a certain period. (Picture: WhatsApp / Editorial)